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SP NEFT the Kazakhstan company with a wide practice of construction, design, architectural and engineering design, is founded in 1997

Currently, SP NEFT is the leading design and construction company in the country. Extensive practical experience and a team of highly qualified architects, engineers, allow you to create exceptional projects and offer unique solutions in the development of public buildings, multifunctional complexes, business centers, hotels, hospitals, kindergartens and schools, industrial facilities, as well as modern residential complexes. We have a category I license for the implementation of the entire complex of works related to the design and construction of buildings and structures in accordance with local and international standards

In the development of all projects, priority is given to the functional purpose of buildings. At the same time, both constructive and aesthetic tasks are solved with the maximum attention to the modern requirements of the comfort of the environment. Aesthetic problems are solved in each case, depending on the object. Our main resource is the human capital


The whole complex of construction and installation works, including finishing and engineering work on the interior of buildings and structures



From the creation of the concept of the project and to the design of working drawings, From the selection of building materials and technological equipment, the selection of finishing materials and to the assembly of furniture, decor, etc.

Fiberglass products

Glass fiber - fibers formed from molten glass. The fibers are twisted into threads (roving), from which products such as fiber for concrete reinforcement, fiberglass reinforcement, construction mesh (facade) and much more are made

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Our mission

We create and build world-class facilities adapted to the needs of our cities

Our principle

Our projects are diverse in architecture, design and style

JV NEFT, combines the experience of the older generation and the creativity of bold ideas of the younger generation of architects and designers. Every project SP NEFT developed with deep understanding, respect for the social and cultural needs of the community for which they are developing. Above all, we put creativity and creative thinking

We provide an inspiring environment for our most talented architects, engineers, designers to provide solutions that create a positive impact in the society for which they are intended

We never stop pushing boundaries, introducing the latest innovations and technical knowledge into every new project

Our vision

The cities of the world are changing, in new urban planning strategies and in new living conditions to match greater density, connectivity and efficiency

JV NEFT believes that the world should share its rapidly growing knowledge about new concepts of urbanization, architectural solutions. In its activities, JV NEFT uses the global practice of international cities, global professional platforms where creative ideas, design and construction technologies are explored and exchanged, which contributes to the growth of new urbanization, to provide new sustainable and innovative design solutions

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